We are gradually creating pamphlets regarding different aspects of our village and it’s history.

Some of these are available at our Parish Church, All Saints’ Church Green Terling, for a donation. The church is well worth a visit, for both services and for it’s history. Details of Services can be found on our community website  or on the church Facebook page All Saints’ Terling.

Probably our most illustrious Terling resident was the 3rd Baron Rayleigh , 1904 Nobel Laureate for Physics about whom we have recently published a pamphlet, with the support of the current Lord Rayleigh and his family, and for which we grateful.

Interested in bellringing? The Historic Terling Bells are described in The Bells of Terling Church pamphlet .

An Introduction to Terling Tales tells how memories of schooldays, leisure and wartime in the village are being collected for the future.

The church walls recount the lives of some of the local illustrious Strutt family. Find out who they were and get a brief insight into how their contributions to farming and physics changed the world.

A pamphlet has been published recently giving an insight to just some of the Remarkable People Remembered in our Churchyard.

The answers to the Family Fun Quiz pamphlet, which asks you to look for things in the church, can be found  here.

The story of the recent restoration of the spire is available Repairing the Spire pamphlet .