Lest We Forget

Thankfully in 2021 we were able to gather in greater number at the War Memorial and in once more together in church, as Covid restrictions were by then less onerous. Local house to house, church and Village Store collections for the Poppy Appeal had also been made once more on behalf of the Royal British Legion, who raised a total of £1881.75 from the village.

A large number of people attended the open air Act of Remembrance at the Terling & Fairstead War Memorial, led by Rev Rob Cadman who has been helping the four parishes throughout the covid and interregnum period. The Last Post and Reveille were played by Bugler Ben Moss. Wreaths were laid by Liam Bundy on behalf of the Parish Council and by Charley Dervish for our MP, Priti Patel.

Personalised crosses were laid for those that died in 1941, Richard Windle and Ernest (Ted) Palmer. Two of Ted’s nieces, Marion Taylor and Wendy Livermore, laid the cross on behalf of the Palmer families who were also joined by Ted’s great-nephew, Carl.

Eighty two people attended the subsequent church service and £200 was donated to the British Legion. Interior poppy displays were by Rose Holden, Gary, Clare and others. Charlie Dervish and children made the new poppies in the grass display.

In 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to join together in the normal Remembrance Sunday church service. That does not mean the men of Fairstead and Terling who gave their lives were forgotten. A single church bell tolled before and after the 11am two minute silence and all the fallen remembered in a well attended short, covid socially-distanced, gathering at the memorial on Church Green.

This year we laid crosses for:

Corporal Edward Warner, who died on 20th April 1920

Private Dennis Walter Mackrow, who died between 10th May 1940 and 23rd June 1940, aged 19

Flying Officer Gerald Ivo Cuthbert, who died on 14th May 1940 

Sapper Trevor Hugh Easter, who died on 16th May 1940 aged 18 .

Once again Rose Holden and the Craft Group created a superb display of poppies at the church, displayed with the History Group board showing the details of each of the men who did not return.

Cover RED and GOLD inc TURC accord textIn recognition of the passing of 100 years since the First World War, Terling & Fairstead Parish Council paid to have a Memorial Book created to commemorate the lives of those men of Terling & Fairstead who did not return from both the First and Second World Wars. Their names are inscribed on the Terling & Fairstead War Memorial which is on Church Green, Terling.

Where possible, families have donated additional information about their relatives which has been included in the book. We would welcome more information about the lives of any of these men. If you would like to have additional material included for your relative, please contact the Historic Terling webmaster using the contacts page of this web.

To view the book you can visit All Saints’ Terling Church, or Fairstead Church or  see the link here. Let us commemorate

Since 2014, each year on Remembrance Day, specially made and personalised oak crosses are laid to remember each of the men of Terling & Fairstead who died one hundred years ago. Sadly, WW1 related deaths continued to affect the two villages during both 1919 and 1920 and we continue to lay crosses to commemorate those men.

We have also created individual crosses for our WW2 fallen. No local men fell in 1939 but from 2020 we continued to remember those that died from 1940 onwards.

p1090037-1During 2020 Bob Isted created a wall display of the plaques from the crosses of each of the men we remember, for permanent display in the church. 

In 2018, to mark the 100th year since the Armistice, the Terling Craft Group, and other residents,  created a special memorial to those that did not return to Terling and Fairstead from both the First and Second World and other Wars.

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