In the News – yesterdays

Do you remember? We will add and change pictures on here of news clips involving Terling or its near neighbours. Do you have others that you would like to share?

Looking back on Terling looking back!

A bit longer than the current run, but wouldn’t it be great to see even more pram teams racing in the next Terling Tournament? Time to decide your team theme folks!
1989 Reunion of Tarlton’s Terling Folk

A village life saver – don’t forget this in an emergency!

A defibrillator has been installed for many years in the phone box by the Telephone exchange building at Viners Cottages Terling, just past the Rayleigh Arms.

See the green signs on all village notice boards for the simple instructions for use – before you might help save someone’s life by remembering it is there.

Mindful of the recent 75th Anniversary of VE Day we look back to the village events of 1995. Were you there?