You are invited to join us in
Terling All Saints’ church
at 7.30pm on Saturday 25th September
to hear of the work across the world by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission
There is no charge but an entry donation will be encouraged to help the work done by the Commission.

Thanks for joining us. We are a volunteer group attempting to collate local social and family history. We would love to hear from you if you can assist in any way.

That might be naming faces in pictures, recalling events of yesteryear, helping with cataloguing or contributing items of the past for the future. Please join us at our next meeting – normally the third Thursday each month in Terling All Saints’ Church.

For more information email us on HistoricTerling@gmail.com

The next Historic Terling group meeting will be at 2.30pm on Thursday 23rd September 2021. This will be held in Terling church but is only for planning the event on Saturday.

Please join us – no special knowledge is needed – just an interest in history.

Many locals worked at Marconi -what did you do there or perhaps your family had links with Marconi’s work on the estate back in the 1900s? Send us a note on the contacts page on this website or email your notes to historicterling@gmail.com.

Terling Tales – A call for anecdotes about life in Terling – we would love to receive more tales of work, school and leisure in the village.

Can you help with information or pictures relating to the British Resistance group and wartime shelter and weapons storage? Send us a note on the contacts page on this website or email your notes to historicterling@gmail.com. Just interested? See our pictures of the men involved.

Can you program to create a SQL database? We need your volunteer help to make our archive database larger. Currently held on an MS Access database we have reached our maximum file size and have lots more to load up. Please email us if you can help on historicterling@gmail.com

Have you seen the page “In the News – yesterdays” which shows news clippings involving Terling in the past? This will change from time to time so keep a look out for new items. If you would like to contribute please come along to a meeting or drop us a line through our contact page or email historicterling@gmail.com.

Interested in what we have achieved since we started? Have a look at What have we done so far

To see what else we are doing see our blog, events or meeting notes pages.

See our page for Terling United Reformed Chapel historic record images. Fascinating reading.